New Name, Logo, Website!

Welcome to the China-U.S. Energy Innovation Alliance! Our new name reflects the broader mission we adopted last fall: to accelerate clean energy innovation. Why?  Because clean energy promotes economic growth, energy security and a healthier planet.

Our strategy is to bring together energy leaders who wouldn’t normally come together to share common problems and best practices to speed up solutions.

Our new name, mission and logo reflect the monumental changes in clean energy since the original organization–the China-U.S. Energy Efficiency Alliance–was established in 2005. In less than a decade, China has leapfrogged to become world leaders in the manufacturing and installation of solar and wind power. On top of that, China has  already zoomed ahead of the U.S. in producing electric vehicles.

We’re still committed to promoting energy efficiency, there’s no doubt.  But new technology and other innovations, including green financing, are creating profound, exciting solutions too.

Now energy leaders in both countries can learn much from each other. As global carbon pollution rises to ever more dangerous levels, the need to scale up smart energy solutions is urgent.

The Alliance is enthusiastic to broker and drive these discussions. We’re convinced that together with energy leaders in the public and private sectors in China and the U.S., we can do more. We are determined to fast forward energy innovation. Join us!

We welcome your feedback on our changes. Contact us at

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