E-bus Panel Recording Ready!

Missed our terrific October panel on the future of e-buses in China and the U.S.? Listen to it here! You can download the file to your phone, etc.

Here’s the lineup of speakers:

David Sawaya, PG&E’s lead on the CPUC proposal.
Andy Swanton, vice president, BYD, China’s largest EV manufacturer.
Dean Taylor, SCE’s senior scientist on EVs and lead on the CPUC proposal.
Yunshi Wang, UC-Davis, Director, China Center for Energy and Transportation
John Boesel, CEO, CALSTART, moderator

Chivas Lam Joins the Alliance Board

Lam, who is based in Shanghai, was previously a venture partner at a $2.7B firm, Qiming Ventures, where he focused on clean energy investments. Qiming, headquartered in Shanghai, was founded by American Gary Rieschel.