China, U.S. Race to Deploy e-Buses

What’s the future of electric buses in China and the United States? How can both countries take advantage of this technology to cut carbon emissions and boost their economies?

The China-US Energy Efficiency Alliance in October, 2017 gathered experts in EV manufacturing and energy from China and the U.S. to tackle these questions and other issues, including:

  • PG&E’s and SCE’s $824 million proposals now before California regulators to build charging infrastructure and launch innovative rate schemes.
  • Why there are so many more e-buses on China’s roads than in the U.S?
  • What can China and the U.S. learn from each other to accelerate adoption of electric buses and trucks, to influence public policy, financing, and technology?

Panelists were:

    • David Sawaya, PG&E’s lead on the CPUC proposal.
    • Andy Swanton, vice president, BYD, China’s largest EV manufacturer.
    • Dean Taylor, SCE’s senior scientist on EVs and lead on the CPUC proposal.
    • Yunshi Wang, UC-Davis, Director, China Center for Energy and Transportation
    • John Boesel, CEO, Moderator

(Full disclosure: PG&E and SCE are Alliance donors.)

Listen to a recording of the panel here or download.

Photo: Electric muni-buses by BYD, X’ian, China.