What’s the future of electric buses in China and the United States? How can both countries take advantage of this technology to cut carbon emissions and boost their economies?

The China-US Energy Efficiency Alliance in October, 2017 gathered experts in EV manufacturing and energy from China and the U.S. to tackle these questions and other issues, including:

  • PG&E’s and SCE’s $824 million proposals now before California regulators to build charging infrastructure and launch innovative rate schemes.
  • Why there are so many more e-buses on China’s roads than in the U.S?
  • What can China and the U.S. learn from each other to accelerate adoption of electric buses and trucks, to influence public policy, financing, and technology?

Panelists were:

    • David Sawaya, PG&E’s lead on the CPUC proposal.
    • Andy Swanton, vice president, BYD, China’s largest EV manufacturer.
    • Dean Taylor, SCE’s senior scientist on EVs and lead on the CPUC proposal.
    • Yunshi Wang, UC-Davis, Director, China Center for Energy and Transportation
    • John Boesel, CEO, Calstart.org. Moderator

(Full disclosure: PG&E and SCE are Alliance donors.)

Listen to a recording of the panel here or download.

Photo: Electric muni-buses by BYD, X’ian, China.