Cracking China’s Energy Efficiency Market

November 2016

By 2020, China’s market for energy efficiency (EE) products and services is projected to reach as much as $320 billion, with $30 billion in the building sector alone. With ambitious national policies, China continues to promote energy efficiency as a vital tool to cut its carbon emissions and reduce air pollution.

How can American companies tap into China’s potentially lucrative market? Our research has found that financing is still one of the biggest hurdles to deploying energy efficiency technology in China, whether a company is China-based or foreign.

This report examines the structural challenges to secure EE financing in China and proposes possible solutions. We interviewed companies with deep experience in China, including Honeywell, and leading experts in the field so your company can learn from them. “Cracking the Energy Efficiency Market in China” is your guide to China’s growing EE market, its banking system and where to find help to grow your business there.

Read the report here.