Utilities of the Future in China, U.S.

Major changes in policy, regulations and technology are disrupting business as usual among utilities in both the United States and China. So the Alliance, in partnership with the U.S. Commerce Department, convened an expert panel in November 2016 to wrestle with these challenges. What can we learn from each other to improve utilities for the future? What’s the role of energy efficiency in the utilities’ changing world?

Panelists included:
Jan Berman, Senior Director, Energy Efficiency Strategy, PG&E
Ralph Cavanagh, Co-Director, Energy Program & Senior Attorney, NRDC. Moderator
Kate Gordon, Vice Chair, Paulson Institute
Fritz Kahrl, Senior Advisor, Regulatory Assistance Project
Joe Kruger, Visiting Fellow, Resources for the Future
Ella Zhou, Strategic Energy Analysis Center, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Photo: Beijing Grid. By Marjorie Sun